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Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny is an adventure board game for 2–6 players setting out on a journey to find the secret of immortality inside an ancient labyrinth hidden in the heart of a forgotten, desert land.

Each player chooses a character they shall become in order to explore its depths. The mission is far from easy, seeing as the labyrinth is riddled with traps and has for ages been guarded by a magical sentry – the Golem.

Fate however has chosen this place, outside of time and space, where the brave, chosen few will battle, using superhuman resilience and willpower to transform and adapt the labyrinth interiors according to their wishes.

Only one of you can triumph in the end.

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The game fully met our expectations ☺ we were afraid a bit that the game for 2 players would not be interesting, but surprisingly, it’s perfect both for a couple and for a bigger group. Good production quality, good rules… We recommend it sincerely ☺


The objective of the Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny game is for players to secure the magical key of the ancients and reach the heart of the labyrinth with it, thus making the victor immortal.



  • For children (boys and girls) age 8-14 years who want to become epic heroes and like labyrinths. Families can play the game together.
  • For casual gamers who like adventure fantasy games (like Talisman, but prefer shorter, faster and less chance-based play).
  • For semi-casual gamers who are fascinated by „Dungeon Crawlers” (games set underground) and RPGs, where the decisions they make are crucial, but die rolls add a dose of randomness.

The process of learning the rules of this game is fast and pleasant – you can effortlessly introduce new players, even those who haven’t had anything to do with board games before. The gameplay surprised me in a positive way – arranging the labyrinth is awesome, the more players, the more fun – machinations and planning how to achieve victory, and suddenly you must think what to do to stop an opponent who is just about to win! Then all the other players need to do something not to lose the game themselves – lots of laughing ☺ and fun, but also thinking.


After initial confusion, the game gets clearer and quicker with every round. Also, more strategy appears. We played with 5 people and this surely increased the dynamics of the events on the board, making the game more attractive. Generally, it is very nice and the atmosphere is immersive. The game may not be too difficult, but it requires a bit of experience to understand your actions and plan them well. But only a few rounds is enough to get it anyway. The production is flawless, the art corresponds to the atmosphere of the game, the board and character markers are made of solid cardboard, cards also look elegant. The atmosphere resembles Talisman, but there are no more similarities between these games. Labyrinth offers many more options and has more complex mechanics. There is also little character development. Actually, the only bonuses can be provided by items, but they do not make a huge difference anyway. Labyrinth is an adventure game as they come, mixing a bit of planning with randomness, with the atmosphere of slightly dark (“underground”) fantasy. The gameplay is fun, dynamic and not too heavy. To me it’s 4/5, with inclinations towards 5 ☺


A very nice game. Good, solid production (we are always careful with cards, so I didn’t notice any damage). So far we have played with 2 and 4 people. Based on my experience, I must say that the more people play, the better the gameplay (in a 2-player version it’s good to introduce some more difficulties, for example two keys necessary to escape the labyrinth). But the most fun part is (both for me and my friends) upsetting the others’ plans (this is why the game is better with more people – you never know who will come up with an idea to hamper your actions ;)). I recommend the game especially to those who enjoy this type of interaction.


In order to win, players must secure the key to the central chamber and be the first to reach this chamber while avoiding the Keeper (Golem), traps, monsters and other players.

During the game, with each turn you can take any 2 of the following actions:

  • Basic: move the hero, build the labyrinth, leave traps, use the abilities of your hero or items,
  • Special (once per turn): move the Keeper of the Labyrinth, move a Monster, evoke powerful events
  • Situational: climb or descend a bridge, fight another player.

A good and interesting game. Solid production, clear rulebook, the rules are easy to learn both for those who read the rulebook and beginner players playing with “experienced” ones. Labyrinth is an extraordinarily engaging game, both with two players and with larger groups. Somebody wrote that a two-player game doesn’t show the full potential and this may be true, but try modifying some rules to make the game more interesting. For example, you may increase the trap limit or the number of keys necessary for your escape. This works well also with more than two players. Since the game has lots of negative interaction and (in spite of appearances) strategy/tactics, modifying the rules can make the gameplay more diverse and dynamic, making people play in a more offensive way, not only build and hamper others’ actions, but at the same time the game doesn’t turn into a bloodbath. Well, maybe sometimes… 😛 It’s not so easy to categorize players (as attackers, schemers, etc.), as much more happens on the board and you need to plan more carefully and often make alliances, but rather temporary ones 😉 A great gateway game, thanks to its simplicity and the gameplay, which is fun and doesn’t get boring because of the “uniqueness” of every game. Victory brings satisfaction and makes you want more, and when you lose, you want to get even – healthy competition ☺ My friend and I presented it at our school and it was great ☺ Not only at school 😉 I can recommend it as a regular game for game meetings and as a party game, because in this role it also works extremely well. I will certainly be bringing it to my table and I strongly encourage you to try it. Have fun! 😉


Buy – £49.99 £39.99